MKAY Digital Agency

Who are we exactly?

What is MKAY?

MKAY is a slang version of the word “OKAY”, which means “well” or “good”, which also symbolizes our attitude – there are no impossible missions or complicated projects for us, and we never say never. The sky ain’t the limit, the budget and your imagination are!

MKAY is not a very old digital agency, we have previously operated under the names of AK MEDIA and ANDRIKOOLME.COM, offering hi-quality services to several local and international companies.

Our goals?

Our goal is to grow modestly, so that we don’t run counter to our earlier traditions and the growth would not effect our clients and perks. We would like to communicate with the clients personally in the future too and do our best of offering the best solutions.

We are currently focusing our efforts on small and medium-sized companies operating in Baltics and Nordics, but in the future, we plan to become more international.

A few international brands we have worked with:


The most important thing while working with us, is trust. Trust us, we’ll do our best.


We are not afraid to try new methods and solutions to make our clients even more successful.


Everyone has a hard day/week/month sometimes. We’ll try our best to find the best ways even in difficult situations.


The solutions must be modern and meet our expectations before we can show them to the clients.


Although making hi-quality web solutions and offering other services takes time, but we’ll try to offer them as soon as possible.


We speak to you personally. We love open honest communication. Support is always included and free of charge with our services.


We’ll recieve the first information from you. We’ll take a look at your business and its current status and figure out ways to achieve the goals. You tell us what do you think must be done.


If we understand your vision, we will think too, make the documentation that includes our vision, the numbers and so on.


We’ll now dig into it, as agreed previously. We’ll do our best to stay within deadlines and we’ll let you know if we run into some issues or have more questions.


We are close to completion. We’ll now make final adjustments and fixes. In the end we’ll show the work to you and implement. Obviously, we’ll support you later too.

Our team

What’s the most important are the people.

You will never know what you’re missing on if you’re never working with us…

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