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What makes MKAY unique

Devices, software, services

We provide you whatever you need to get the job done - starting from laptop and ending with Taxify credits.

Small collective, the best coworkers

MKAY is not yet a huge company, but that is something that makes us different. It's easier to do things.

We’ll teach you

We're going to guide you through the everyday processes and let you use online training, workshops and go to seminars.

Competitive pay

Competitive salaries that are not below the average in the field and come with motivational bonuses.

No Corporate BS & Hirarchy

No corporate and no hierarchy. We promise to treat you like a human being should be treated.


Work where and when you feel most focused at, but keep the deadlines in mind.

Way back when

MKAY was a

one-man operation

MKAY (before called: AK MEDIA) used to be a one-man operation by Andri Koolme. Since 2015 we have grown, managed to provide services to multiple famous brands, such as Acer and Tele2 and get new partners and associates in order to keep providing the best digital solutions to the big and small brands across Europe.

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