MKAY Digital Agency

Are you okay? No, we’re more than okay – we’re MKAY!

MKAY offers a full suite of services starting from content creation, translations, and ending with web solutions, marketing, accounting, and designing -- all for your business growth!

"MKAY" symbolizes our attitude

MKAY is a slang version of the word “OKAY”, which means “well” or “good”, which also symbolizes our attitude – there are no impossible missions or complicated projects for us, and we never say never. The sky ain’t the limit, the budget and your imagination are!

If we are unable to do the tasks on our own, we use our partners’ services or reccommend some other providers that could help you.

We are currently focusing our efforts on small and medium-sized companies operating in Baltics and Nordics, but in the future, we plan to become more international.


We’ll help your brand to rise and stand out from the crowd — or should we say, competitors?

Web solutions

Growing your online presence by creating a modern website, e-commerce, landing pages and more.


This is for you if you already have anything else and just need content creation and translations in/to Estonian.


Digital experiences, brand branding (sounds funny, right?), wireframes and more that are also practical after being modern and compelling.

Management service

Accordingly edited and managed e-commerce products, articles on websites and social media accounts are just the tip of an iceberg.

Something else?

Need something else, such as assistance in public relations, legal, HR, accounting, sales, customer support? Let’s discuss!

A few international brands we have worked with

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